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  • Essential Tips & Tricks For The Travelling Gamer

    During the summer, most days have more than 12 hours of sunlight to burn. Usually, you’d spend most of them playing games, focused on the screen until the day turns into night turns into early morning. But not this year. This year, you have plans... More
  • Are Smartphones the Future of Gaming?

    Mobile gaming has been becoming increasingly popular over the last decade or so. When you consider how powerful modern smartphones are, this is not surprising. But what proof is there that smartphones are as capable as their larger siblings? Royalty Free... More
  • Online gambling in New Zealand

    In spite of being close to an influential country like Australia, New Zealand has a flavour and culture that is distinctly its own. It's common knowledge that when it comes to sports the two neighbours have similar interests. However, when it comes... More
  • I'll Be Back?

    Spoilers for Detroit: Become Human ahead. I remember the first time Connor died in my playthrough of Quantic Dream's latest game. It was the first mission, and completely unintentional. The demo, in fact. They'd showcased the android as one of... More
  • Thank You GI Community And Bloggers!

    The GI community is great, and I'm glad that I ended up joining in on the action about four years ago or so. I've made many good friends here, and even now we still hang out to chat about games and other things. Some come and go, but I'll... More
  • Final Blog and Community Writing Challenge: How Writing for GameInformer Changed Me

    2 1
    This is it, the final blog. Upon reading the already mentioned by many upcoming site redesign I didn't take any chances and posted what was supposed by then a final blog of sorts until one last Community Writing Challenge was assigned for us bloggers... More
  • Sony Is The Biggest Hope For Virtual Reality, Even If Its Prospects Are Not As Positive As People Think

    The entire gaming industry puts its faith in virtual reality, seeing it as the future of gaming. We saw substantial funding coming from eager early adopters and industry giants like Valve and Facebook. As a result, numerous gadgets and devices were launched... More
  • Journal of a Mechwarrior Part 13

    The bass reverberated down the hallway as Sumire and Vamp followed Riana down the hallway. "Commander," the pilot began, "are you sure this is the way? It sounds more like a..." they rounded the corner as the hallway opened up into... More
  • E3 2018 Predictions

    Do you need more E3 predictions? Of course not. However, there is still a whole week to go before E3 starts and we need to kill the time somehow. I'm going to copy and paste the big three here from my personal blog, there is a little more (though... More
  • Be Excellent to Each Other

    Ordinarily I spend an asinine amount of time planning every facet of a blog - its title and various components - to ensure it comes together as a cohesive and professional whole. So I think it only fitting that for my prematurely final blog I drop that... More
  • Journal of a Mechwarrior Part 12

    This entry will contain spoilers for the story mission Liberation: Panzyr. "Welcome to Panzyr, Commander Klaue," Lord Madeira began, "Lady Arano and the Restoration Army are already fighting on the planet's surface and have been for... More
  • My 5 biggest gripes: A critique of anti-gamer trends

    This may be my last blog for a while. For those of you who have read my content, or engaged with me in any way on this site, I love you guys. Thank you for making me feel part of something big, something warm and fuzzy, and something I can fall back on... More
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