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  • From Glass To Games: An Origin Story

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    I traveled 1,304 miles to get to Minneapolis before I started my internship at Game Informer, but my journey to where I am now has been much longer than that. At 26 years of age, I might be a little old for an intern. Unlike most I not only had no interest... More
  • Obi-Wan Was Oversimplifying

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    [Source: https://bit.ly/2GASTY1 ] I could say “this is surreal,” or “this is my dream,” or “this is…whatever else,” but I don’t want to jinx it. My name is Camden. I’m a journalism student at the... More
  • I Haven't Matured In The Past Ten Years

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    When I was 13, I unleashed a foolproof rhetorical strategy on my parents. “Mom, Dad,” I said. “I’m 13. I just had my bar-mitzvah, and according to the torah, that means I’m a man. Therefore, I should be able to play Resident... More
  • The Story Of The Time Ben Reeves Played In A Smash Bros. Tournament


    This is a story all about how Ben Reeves could be bothered to hang up his phone before playing Super Smash Bros. in front of a huge audience.

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  • Bookin' It: Javy's 2018 Reading Log

    Hi everyone! So I used to be a pretty voracious reader. In the last couple of years, I’ve fallen off that wagon, and I want to get back to the point where I feel like I’m reading a healthy amount of books every year. So I’ve promised... More
  • A Wonderful Journey Through Far Cry 5


    Far Cry 5 is proving to be at its best when I'm making my own stories.

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  • My 100% Club – God Of War Added

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    I'm adding the Playstation 4's God of War to the list of titles I've played to 100% completion.

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  • Extra Tips For Collecting Video Games

    Collecting video games is a hobby I've dabbled in for many years. I've already pored over my most crucial advice on collecting , but these are additional tips you should soak up when gathering gaming goodies. Tip 13: Stay on target and be patient... More
  • The Drive-In #4: The Drop (2014)

    The Drop And The Nuances Of Masterful Acting Who doesn't love a good gritty crime drama? Well, a lot of people, probably, but I'm not among them. I sat down this past week to finally watch The Drop, a movie based on a novel by Denis Lehane ( Mystic... More
  • To Live And Let Play


    We shouldn't always worry about earning experience or doing challenges in videogames. It's easy to get caught up in these mentalities of doing busy work, but it's good to let loose, get silly, and laugh without a care.

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  • The Drive-In #3: Dekalog (1989)

    Much ink has been spilled over how to classify Krzysztof Kieślowski's Dekalog . Is it a movie? A television show? For the purposes of this piece, I'm going to say that doesn't matter. The Dekalog, a 10-hour series created for Polish television... More
  • The Purity of Paddington (Movie Musings)


    Paddington 2 takes the infectious influence of its eponymous bear to its limits, showing how our world needs more characters with unrelenting kindness.

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